Customer Retention Program

Keep your customers forever, and keep them coming back frequently. This program was developed by Hyper-Lead IT to retain customers by keeping them up to date through email lists. Getting new leads into your business is one of the most expensive processes of getting new clients & customers. So, this program is an effective marketing strategy that keeps your customers coming back for more. By leveraging technology and combining it with marketing strategies, we can improve business continuity while making it easier on you. Learn more about the program by contacting us to develop a online marketing strategy. Consult With Us

Website Development & Design

We aim to provide professional websites branded to your company with real marketing strategies attached, which you typically won't find at most web design agencies. Build A Website

Email Services

All of our websites come packaged with email services for all your employees which can be connected directly to their computers or smart phones. View Portfolio

Email Marketing Services

Send out personal marketing messages automatically when a new lead comes in to save you time. Schedule promotions to all your customers instantly to save you time. Contact Us About the Right Plan

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Our websites come search engine friendly. We have monthly search engine optimization plans. Learn more about dominating your business in your area. Consult with me for information on how to market your company in the growing internet age. Or hire me to optimizing your business. Contact Us About the Right Plan

Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Search engine advertising which is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), can be a tricky business. It can make, or break your business if you don't know what you are doing. Consult with me to learn how to effectively track lead generating advertisements and stop paying for wasted campaigns. Contact Us About the Right Plan

Video Marketing

This service deals with the production of videos which will be submitted to Youtube and other popular websites across the internet. These can be embedded to your website or social media pages. View More about video marketing